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Taking Care of Baby

by Dennis Kelly

'None of this is the truth. It's just people saying things. It's all subjective. There's the truth, and there's what people think is the truth, and it all depends on how you slant it...'

"Taking Care of Baby" tackles the complex case of Donna McAuliffe, a young mother convicted of the murder of her two infant children. In a series of probing interviews the people in this extraordinary story, including Donna herself and her bewildered mother Lynn, reveal how they may have harmed those they sought to protect. Dennis Kelly's ambitious new play uses the popular techniques of drama-documentary and verbatim theatre to explore how truth is compromised by today's information culture. '

Falling Doors Theatre performed this production in 2017 at The Casa Theatre in Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival.


Kerrie McLaughlin, Catherine Devine, Lee Burnitt, Kevin Foott, Jackie Connolly, Darren Begley

Director: Sarah Van Parys 

Producer: Leonie Parkes 

Stage and Technical Crew: Sarah Falls, Catherine Kenny, Leonie Parkes. 

Photography: Andrew AB  

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