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The Streets Where We Live: Video

The Streets Where We Live

A Falling Doors Theatre & Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres production
in collaboration with Laurence Westgaph

From the 18th – 29th August 2021, discover new truths about the streets we live on through a bespoke walking tour curated by historian, Laurence Westgaph.

Whilst exploring the role of the slave trade in the development of the city of Liverpool, you’ll see live performances responding to what is uncovered and what it can mean for us to see countless landmarks, monuments and streets names under a new perspective.

This co-production aims to support education through performance art and features new writing from local creatives RJ Lloyd, Ashleigh Nugent, Marj Morgan and Paislie Reid.

Local history is embedded in the places we live; from the buildings to the monuments and street names. We want to develop this new work to amplify education through non-traditional methods and there has never been a better time than now for us to help share the stories in our city that have been hidden in history books. We are really excited to work with Laurence and the Everyman on this project and hope this collaboration will not only educate, but provide a creative platform for new writing in the city and will showcase some of the city’s brilliant performers intertwined with the vastly insightful tours that Laurence has created.
– Falling Doors Theatre

Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres

Laurence Westgaph’s Liverpool & Slavery Facebook Page

The Streets Where We Live: About
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